What is Outreach

Ultimo Campus
Outreach provides courses for people who have had encountered barriers to enter education or training programs. Outreach works at removing these barriers for people who want to return to education. Some of these barriers may include:

  • Income level;
  • English language ability;
  • Cultural factors;
  • Geographical or social isolation;
  • Lack of previous education;
  • Lack of confidence;
  • Physical or intellectual disability;
  • Age; and
  • Family commitments.

Outreach works with all different types of groups including local government eg Marrickville Council, community agencies, local organisations, co-operatives, speciality groups eg CRC, unions and employers.

In addition, Outreach develops courses tailored for community sectors that have require certain educational need/s. These classes may be on a fee-for-service basis and may include:
  • Courses that provide access to further education or employment;
  • Courses with skills and knowledge from a number of vocations;
  • Workplace on the job training;
  • Courses that start at any given time of the semester whereby the days, times and teachers are chosen to suit students’ needs; and
  • Courses that are held in community locations such community centres or local schools.

If you have a question, please do not hesitate to contact TAFE Outreach to discuss your educational and training needs - we are after all only an email or phone call away. 02 9217 5005, 02 9217 5006, 02 9217 5007 or email Lesley.Yasso@tafensw.edu.au